Internet Money, Digital Skills and Enormous Prospects in 2023, by Courage Ngele

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Internet Money, Digital Skills and Enormous Prospects in 2023, by Courage Ngele

I’m a proponent of internet money. I always advice young people to take advantage of the internet and make money for themselves.

The internet is a pool of endless possibilities. The opportunities are enormous for anyone who is serious about making money online and enjoying a better life.

Learn a digital high income skill that you can offer to companies within and outside Nigeria.

Do you know how sweet it is to live in Nigeria, earn in dollar and spend in naira?

Ngl, that feeling is sweeter than orgasm.

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Even if it is ordinary $500 you earn a month, if you convert it to naira, you’ll be miles ahead of most people who work in different companies in this country.

Now, imagine combining working for a company in Nigeria and also offering your digital skills online to earn more money? That’s a great feeling.

I can make bold to say that there is no day this year that I didn’t earn some dollars.

From the first of January 2022 to the last day of December 2022, I earned money, not in naira but in dollars.

This means that everyday of my life, even when I sleep, I earn money.

If I wake up tomorrow morning and decide not to do anything at all, I’ll still earn money in dollars and if I change that money to naira, it will be bigger than most people’s salary.

There is no guarantee that you can earn dollars daily like some of us do, but you can start from somewhere.

No matter how little. Just start from somewhere first.

Start from learning a skill. It could be:

✅ Media Buying
✅ Building funnels
✅ Video editing
✅ Transcribing
✅ Data entry
✅ Data analytics
✅ Web designing
✅ Traffic hacking.

Just learn a skill and offer your skill as a service. It’s that simple.

One of the problems I see with some young people is that they’re carried away by money. They focus on the money and miss out on the bigger picture.

Stop focusing on money. Money is not real. It’s just a piece of paper that people offer in exchange for value.

So instead of focusing on money, you should focus on becoming a person of value. Focus on who you become, not what you get. Focus on the journey.

You know why?

Because the better you become, the better you attract and the more money you make at the end of the day.

Stop mixing these things up. That’s why you keep moving in circles.

Stop chasing money. If you chase things, it means the things has control over you. Stop chasing and start attracting.

Yes, in the beginning, you’ll chase, but if you want better results, you need to create the right strategies for your chasing.

If you learn how to attract money, you’ll always have more to enjoy yourself with.

Sometime in 2018/2019, a lady in Ikeja, her name is Lara. She had a booming logistics business.

She ran away with our goods and some millions of money.

So imagine loosing millions of money back then. I told Vincent David to calm down and forget about it. Yea, it was painful but we had to let go and position ourselves to make even more money than that.

Vincent was still schooling in DELSU at that time. Imagine what it means for a student to lose huge sum in final year.

After Vincent graduated, I adviced him to move to Lagos, as I believed this would help him become better.

Guess what? The next year after we lost that millions, Vincent bought his first car. A Lexus.

See let me tell you, if you continue to chase only money, it means you’re not playing the longterm game.

Your main focus should be on becoming someone who attracts money. Become someone who is value driven and money will always come to you.

Money is a byproduct of value creation. Money exchanges hands when value is involved.

If you want to make more money, you have to offer more value.

If you want to attract more money, you’ll have to become more valuable.

The company you’re working for today still pays you salary because of the job you do (value) for the company. The day you stop being valuable to the company is the day they’ll lay you off.

You need to understand how the world works and you also need to understand how money works.

If you understand how money works, then you’ll learn how to make money work for you.

Many young people are not willing to bend down and learn, and that’s why they’re ok with the peanuts they’re getting from their 9-5.

I’m not saying that salary is a bad thing. Never!!!

I have people I pay salaries monthly, amazing people who work for me and those who work with me. And I try as much as I can to continuously review the salaries and increase it often, as long as their value to my business increases.

The issue is not the salary, the issue is people being complacent.

You cannot earn a salary of 50k or 100k monthly for 2 years straight and tell me you’re ok, especially if that’s all the money that comes to you monthly. Something is definitely wrong with you.

You’re not thinking and acting as you should.

It shows you’re not growing or making efforts to grow.

Many young people are on this table. How can you earn the same amount of income every month for 2 years straight and you don’t see anything wrong with it?

You don’t know about economics? You don’t know about inflation? You don’t know what the money market is?

I admire people who work and aspire to be better. You see them taking courses online because they believe the certification will give them a better chance at gaining promotion or earning more money.

My friend Melordi started working with a company as a sales person that overseas sales of the company’s products in different supermarkets across a region in Lagos.

She took it upon herself to take online courses and get certifications. With that, she got promotions in that company and she’s now a big girl. Plus she also has her own business @hairby_melordi on IG.

My friend Lilian works in a bank. She didn’t stay comfortable with the salary she was earning.

She took online courses. She is currently taking some courses as I type this. She already got promoted and she’s now a Team Lead in a bank at their HQ in VI.

Her salary increased and she’s now a big girl, even though she no dey gree to answer big girl. She still wants to chop my money.

Imagine if she stayed comfortable with the initial salary and did not develop herself. She would have been at one spot in her life, earning peanuts.

I can go on and on and on.

This November/December alone, I did my calculations yesterday and realized I have spent $3649 on courses.

Why do I have to spend that much on courses?

If you figure out the answer to that question, you’ll become a millionaire next year. Even if it’s just N5m you make.

I didn’t even notice this thread was getting so long. I posted it on my WhatsApp status yesterday and decided to share it here today.

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