You Betrayed, Abandoned Tinubu at the Time of Need — Hapijo to Abe

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You Betrayed, Abandoned Tinubu at the Time of Need — Hapijo to Abe

A Chieftain of APC in Rivers State and the Coordinator of BATS VANGUARD in Ikwerre LGA , who also doubles as the PCC/ICC Coordinator in Ikwerre LGA, Amb. Jacobs Chimezie Happiness has been condemning the way Sen. Magnus Abe and his supporters abandoned Tinubu to his fate during the Presidential election in Rivers State.

In a recent article he published and made available to an online platform, his statement read in part:

“The intricacies of the effects of over-brainwashing and its psychological conditioning, makes it very difficult for man to know if he is a true agent of his conscience”

I read with mix feelings, an article captioned “CAMPAIGN OF CALUMNY AGAINST ME IS UNNECESSARY’, credited to Sen. Magnus Abe and signed by his Spokesperson, Parry Benson.

The mix-feeling was premised upon the fact that having worked closely and intently with Magnus Abe’s political structure over the years, l have come to under Abe as a man that says one thing and do another.

So l did not take his bogus call for cease-fire in that article seriously.

I had hardly concluded with my thoughts about the article, when, as l rightly envisaged, I ran into an article on Facebook, written by one of Magnus Abe’s peckish tykes, named Dumeezor, wherein he cast series of untamed and unprovoked vituperation on the Distinguished personality of Hon. Chief Tony Okocha KSC JP DSSRS, with reckless abandon, as instructed by Magnus Abe.

I laughed, because I knew it was coming.

As if that was not enough, as also directed by Magnus, the triad of Kennedy Friday, Moses Salvation and another scrounger that l know not, went to Today’s FM 95.1, fully mobilized to disparage, vilify and prevaricate on Chief Tony Okocha, so much so that an unhinged cipher like Moses Salvation will have the impertinence to refer to Chief Tony Okocha KSC JP DSSRS as a BOY!

What a discourtesy!

One then begins to see how low that Magnus Abe and his mudslingers are ready to go in this wanton war that Magnus Abe has declared against Ikwerre politicians!

One begins to wonder why Magnus Abe and his mudslingers cannot be bold to speak the simple truth about how Magnus Abe shot himself on the foot through his failed political permutations and strategies.

In putting the record straight on how Magnus is the architect of his own political fiasco, l shall group the scenario into 3 parts –

A. Magnus in APC

B. Magnus in SDP

C. Magnus after his election defeat


Prior to the actualization of his lifetime political dream – ‘I MUST BE ON THE BALLOT’, while he was still in APC, Magnus was supporting Tinubu’s Presidential aspiration for obvious reasons

1. With the hopes that Tinubu will influence his emergence as the Governorship Standard Bearer of APC in Rivers State.

2. That Tinubu will sponsor his election.

It was based on these expectations that Magnus was supporting Tinubu then.

When he couldn’t get the APC governorship ticket or rightly put; when his expectation that Tinubu will give him Rivers State guber ticket did work out, in anger, and against Tinubu’s directive for him to remain in APC and work with him, he contumaciously defected to SDP to pursue his personal ambition, thereby betraying and abandoning Tinubu to his fate in Rivers State.

How nefarious and fiendish can human being be?


Having secured the governorship ticket of SDP, not without consenting to, and appending his signature to stringent conditions by the Presidential Candidate of SDP, among which is that he should not campaign nor work for Tinubu in any guise, Magnus Abe then began set out his permutations and strategies on how to win his election.

In retaliation to Tinubu’s reluctance to influence his clinching the Rivers APC governorship ticket, and more so, Tinubu’s refusal to prevail on Justice Omotosho to subvert the cause of justice and give Magnus Abe a favorable judgment, as Magnus had wished, Magnus Abe completely jettisoned anything and everything that has to do with Tinubu’s Presidential ambition in Rivers State.

He refused to campaign for Tinubu throughout his campaign movement to some of the LGAs in Rivers State.

He instead initiated an alliance with the Labour Party and Atiku Abubakar’s faction of the PDP in Rivers State, with the projection that he will garner bulk votes from members of those parties to help him win his election.

He carefully avoided anything that has to do with Tinubu and also forbade his supporters from wearing Tinubu’s campaign caps and T-shirts so as not to provoke the Obidients and Atikulateds in Rivers State that he was banking on their votes.

Furthermore, he instructed and directed all his supporters to vote SDP all through – from the Presidential election down to the governship election.

His media dogs

were all over Facebook and other media platforms, reverberating and reemphasizing on the instruction and directive of their principal – ‘VOTE SDP CANDIDATES FROM TOP TO BOTTOM’.

Magnus Abe and Austin Wokocha embezzled the N55million that was made available to the Local Organising Committee of APC Presidential Rally in Rivers State by Engr. Tien Jackrich, all in a bid to undue Tinubu and ensure that the rally didn’t succeed.

They also embezzled the N10million that was made available for election logistics in Rivers State. This they did with intent to ensure that Tinubu fails his election.

In a meeting between Magnus Abe and BATS VANGUARD LGA COORDINATORS, at his office at Freedom House, which l was in attendance, Magnus Abe told us in clear and unambiguous terms, that “IF TINUBU WANTS ME TO WORK FOR HIM, HE (TINUBU) SHOULD BRING MONEY” (I quoted him verbatim).

This is the same Tinubu that went all the way to see Magnus in a London hospital when he shot!

This is the same Tinubu that is the husband of Magnus’ seatmate at the Red Chamber for four years.

This is the same Tinubu that pleaded with Magnus to support his Presidential ambition and chose any Ministerial position of his choice, when he becomes President.

It is this same Tinubu that you were bold enough to say before us, that IF HE WANTS YOU TO WORK FOR HIM, HE SHOULD BRING MONEY.

Indeed, wonders have ended!

After that meeting, we realised that Magnus was leading us to extinction by betraying Tinubu, so we humbly backed out from anything concerning Magnus Abe for good.

The Presidential election came and Tinubu failed woefully in the 2 units inside Magnus’ compound. Magnus and his people voted massively for the SDP Presidential candidate, as directed by Magnus.

When all the LGAs results came out and Tinubu won in Rivers State (all thanks to Former Governor Wike and Chief Tony Okocha’s doggedness and sagacity), Magnus Abe was the first to go on air to condemn the outcome of the election.

In his words on Channels TV:

“the Presidential election in Rivers State was a sham; the results do not represent how Rivers people voted”



After being thrashed spectacularly by Sim Fubara in the guber election, Magnus Abe pretended as if he was heading to the tribunal, and before one could say Jack, he had unceremoniously backed out.

Then, upon realising that he had shot himself on the foot and is bound to pay dearly for it, he quickly began to look for damage control mechanisms and how to smuggle himself back to Asiwaju political family through the back door. But trust Asiwaju, he hardly forgives betrayals, especially the one that comes from supposedly close persons.

In a deliberate attempt to strangle the truth and smuggle himself back to the same system he obtusely abandoned, Magnus Abe recruited Ogoni lamebrains that he holds in perpetual servitude to begin to unleash series of prevarications and falsities all over, in a bid to reap from where he did not sow:

They lied that Magnus Abe made Tony Okocha the Rivers State Coordinator of BATS VANGUARD, but the Global Chairman of BATS VANGUARD, Amb. Dr. Dare Owotomobi, was in handy to deflate that lie.

He made it unambiguously clear that he, and no one else, sorted out Tony Okocha based on his track record of administrative prowess, and settled for him as the BATS VANGUARD Coordinator in Rivers State, and the Chairman of All Chairmen in South-South.

With that lie dead, they came up with another lie that Magnus asked Tony Okocha to remain in APC as his placeholder, while he defects to SDP for whatever.


What a lie!

The truth is that Magnus Abe never asked Okocha to remain in APC in his stead, in fact, he was even angry with Tony Okocha for deciding to remain in APC and he complained bitterly about it, that Tony Okocha only campaigns for Tinubu without any recourse to his political aspiration.

This is the immutable truth and this truth cannot be subverted.

Not done with their falsities, they then descended on Wike, another Ikwerre Son, they said Wike never worked for Tinubu, that if he did, he should show proof!


What a desperation!

If Former Governor Wike, who won his Polling Unit, Ward, LGA and the State outrightly for Tinubu, didn’t work for Tinubu, is it Magnus Abe that Tinubu failed woefully in the 2 polling units in his compound at Bera that worked for Tinubu?

To thine own self be true!

They said Rivers APC members shouldn’t call Wike to come to APC.


And I ask – are they no longer in SDP?

Why are they gatecrashing on APC affairs?

Could it be one instance of the ‘gun-point desperation and ambition of Magnus Abe?

Not done, they again prevaricated that Magnus Abe nominated Tony Okocha into Tinubu/Shettima ICC & PCC, and l asked – assuming but not conceding that he did, the Big question then is – did he nominate Tony into those committee so that he would be free to go into unholy romances with Atiku and Peter Obi?

Collecting dollars and reaching agreements to undo Tinubu?

Let Magnus tell us!

Assuming he nominated Tony as he claims, didn’t Tony work assiduously to ensure Tinubu’s victory in Rivers State?

Was Wike’s alliance with Tony Okocha to deliver Tinubu in Rivers State not worthy of commendation from Magnus Abe, if actually his motive of nominating Tony (as he claims) to those campaign committees was to ensure Tinubu’s victory?

What was Tony’s crime against Magnus, if not that he collaborated with Wike to deliver Asiwaju in Rivers State?

If Chief Tony Okocha had joined Magnus Abe in their unholy romance with Atiku and Peter Obi, as Austin Wokocha did, would Magnus and his mendicants be fighting Tony Okocha today?

Let it be known that nobody is interested in whatever position Magnus gets from anywhere in Tinubu’s government, but what we cannot tolerate is this dodgy attempt by Magnus and his cretins to match truth on the head, all in an attempt to reap where they did not sow.

We will resist it to Infinitum.

Truth must stand and truth must prevail.

Magnus Abe should be calming down!

This wanton and unnecessary war he is instigating his Ogoni dunces against Ikwerre politicians; from Amaechi to Wike, and now to Tony Okocha, will do him more harm than good!

I don talk my own finish oo!

My Name is Hapijo

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